One Life For Each Of Us (2012)

Life has dealt Rhea a harsh hand. The life she has constructed is starting to disintegrate and ignoring the problem will not make it disappear. As she continues to reside in her fabricated reality, the real world shatters her delusion.

Rhea Ate: Beth Mack
Laughing Man: Rob Langhorn
Andy: Craig Warburton
Neil: Jamie Smelt
Samantha Aceso: Simone Lewis

Casting Associate: Gemma Head
Props: Amy Hodgins and Emma Wilcock
Location: Imogen Hoyle and Gaz Langhorn
Music: ‘Madungo’ by Bama, ‘Devil on my shoulder’ by Becca Williams  ‘It will be’ by dboy
Editor: Jay Thompson
DP: Danny Marwood
Story: Dermot Daly and Anna Waddington
Writer, Producer, Director: Dermot Daly

West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival / USA / 20 April 2012
Portobello Film Festival / UK / 11 September 2012
Hush Hush Film Night / UK / 28 February 2013


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