‘Reverse Darwinism’: Review #4


It would seem fair to say that Reverse Darwinism is a critical hit!

Another review has just come in, this time from Darren Tilby who reviewed Excursion to the Mountains for UK Film Review

Kathryn Hanke gives a powerhouse performance

  • “delightfully unhinged”
  • “Reverse Darwinism is a wonderful and humorous examination of modern culture. It highlights and ridicules some of our more absurd foibles in a way which is as candid as it is entertaining.” 
  • “I very much look forward to seeing more work from this incredibly talented team of directors, writers and actors in the future.”
  • “We think he liked it!”

You can read the full review here

‘Excursion to the Mountains’: Utah Film Festival and Awards

2019_UFA_Semi-Finalist_00249.pngPleased to share that Excursion to the Mountains has been selected as a semi-finalist at The Utah Film Festival and Awards, with the screening programme to be announced this weekend.

We’re continually pleased that this film continues to be embraced by programmers and audiences.