‘Reverse Darwinism’: Review #3


Yet another review for ‘Reverse Darwinism‘, this time from Ben Gummery over at BRWC who thought that Kathryn was “brilliantly comedic” and that the short “Highlights a lot of unpleasant truths about our modern culture”.

We couldn’t agree more!

Read the full review here

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‘Reverse Darwinism’: Review #2

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We’ve another review for ‘Reverse Darwinism‘ from another reviewer who emailed to say she “really enjoyed it”. We’ve pulled some quotes below but you can read the full review by Elise Bowes of ReservoirBlogs here

  • “[…] some of the dialogue had me laughing out loud.”
  • “The concept was original and weirdly plausible.”
  • “Kathryn Hanke definitely demands the focus
  • “[…] slightly confused, slightly anxious but very entertained.”
  • “[…] thought provoking and kooky”

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‘Reverse Darwinism’: Review


So, before we even have a first confirmed screening we have a review for our new short ‘Reverse Darwinism’ from the Indianapolis based Richard Propes of The Independent Critic – and it’s a beauty!

Choice quotes include:

  • “I can’t help but think you’ll be like me and fall a little bit in love with Kathryn Hanke as Professor Vanessa”
  • “delightfully absurd”
  • “immensely fun comedy”
  • “Hanke is spot-on perfection”
  • “what she knows will save the world[…] one pathetic soul at a time.”
  • “completely delightful”
  • Danny Marwood‘s lensing is perfectly sublime”
  • “the dialogue rings with […] authenticity”
  • “give Reverse Darwinism a view should you get the chance.”
  • “the latest winning short from the production team at Chocolate Bear”

The full review can be read here

We are looking forward to sharing Professor Vanessa in full at a film festival near you soon!