‘Excursion to the Mountains’: Review #4

AUGUST 2018 poster.jpgJust in time for the Bank Holiday weekend we’ve a glowing, four star, review for ‘Excursion to the Mountains’ from UK Film Review.

You can read the full review here – and we suggest that you do – but we’ve pulled some choice quotes – some on which may well find their way onto the next iteration of the poster…

“A fabulous and pensive piece…”

“…brilliantly played by Emma Leah Golding…”

“…it forces our imagination to work overtime…”

“The more I watch this film the more I notice […] slight, understated clues hidden throughout.”

“the sheer fact I’ve spent as much time and effort scrutinising every detail in the frame […] says more than words ever could on the film’s efficacy.”

“…innovative and astute…”

“…the cinematography […] rarely misses the mark.” 

“…an incredible effort.”

“…an exquisitely wrapped package…”

“Guillermo del Toro once said, “I try to tell you a story with what I call eye-protein, not eye-candy”. The implication being eye-candy is something which may look nice but is ultimately hollow and meaningless, but with eye-protein, nothing on-screen is wasted; feeding the narrative. Thankfully, directors Dermot Daly and Ivan Mack have opted for the eye-protein method.”