‘Excursion to the Mountains’: Review #3

Image may contain: textWe’ve had yet another review of this award-winning, globetrotting film.

You can read the full review here, although we have pulled out some choice quotes:

“a mesmerizing short film”

“this title was Golding’s time to shine […] Nice work.”

“the amount of power and even pressure, contained in a film under four minutes, is enough to raise the eyebrows of the most cynical of critics.”

“I have nothing truly negative to write.” 

‘Excursion to the Mountains’: Genre Celebration Festival

Official Selection 2018.jpg

Yet more selection news for ‘Excursion to the Mountains‘ – this time it’s from Tokyo. Genre Celebration Festival has announced our film as an official selection with these swanky golden laurels!

To our knowledge this is our first ever official selection in a festival in Japan (where you can also locally stream the award-winning ‘Ecce Homo‘).

We find out in December whether or not we are selected to screen… if it happens, we will of course let you know