‘It Wouldn’t Change Me’: Review


UK Film Review – no less – have reviewed ‘It Wouldn’t Change Me’.

Choice quotes include:

“It Wouldn’t Change Me reaches close to perfect in its attention to narrative order.”

“Mack and Daly know what they’re doing.”

“Catley’s minimalistic performance creates an alluring and enigmatic presence”

“It Wouldn’t Change Me is a quiet short with big things to say.”

Read it in full here and see whether or not it chimes with your experience of the film…

We’re going to be on the radio!

We’re going to be on the radio a little later on today!

We’ve been asked, as double award winners last year, by Drunken Film Festival to join them in promoting this years event which begins this weekend and features our short ‘It Wouldn’t Change Me’ next Monday – July 17th.

You can listen in at 17h45 (GMT) live on BCB radio and afterwards on its catchup service.

UPDATE: you can hear it at this link at around 42 minutes.