‘Reverse Darwinism’: Lift Off Sessions

SESSJ20204 Poster.PNGReverse Darwinism roars into the 2020’s with an official selection in an online film festival!

The Lift Off Sessions is an online film festival run by the Lift Off Global network, where, for the price of admission to a ‘physical’ festival, you get access to a festival which is screening an avalanche of short and mid-length films which you get to watch in the order that you like, wherever you like.

The winners of the festival go through to screen at the legendary Pinewood Studios!

…And this is where you come in – from now until Jan 19th you can rent the entire festival on Vimeo and then follow the instructions in the introductory video there to vote for your favourite two films (we’re obviously hoping that Reverse Darwinism will be one of them) and thats it!

You can find the festival here – Reverse Darwinism is film number 11

Oh, and Happy New Year!