‘Reverse Darwinism’: Lifft India

SEMI-FINALIST-LIFFTINDIAFilmotsav-WorldCineFestLonavla-2019.pngReverse Darwinism is a semi-finalist at Lifft India and with it, makes its Indian festival debut.

Some remarkable films from all over the world in this festival and we’re proud to add to the ranks.

The opening ceremony will happen on 12th Dec at 18h00 in the Regal Hall at Fariyas Resort, Lonavala, Pune, India.

‘Excursion to the Mountains’: Now available to buy or stream

AUGUST 2018 posterThe multi award winning, and well travelled ‘Excursion to the Mountains’ is now available to buy or stream.

We’re so pleased that we are able to share this film with you… if you have the pleasure of seeing it at the many festivals it graced or not, you can now watch on your phone, tablet, computer or tv.

At present it is available on the Amazon sites based in the UK, Germany and USA (if you’re a Prime customer you can watch for free!) but we hope that our distributor will find more ways to bring the short to you wherever you happen to be in the world… If you do watch, feel free to leave a review!

Don’t forget that you can also stream Ecce Homo and It Wouldn’t Change Me as well!


*and contrary to the directorial credit on the amazon pages the film was directed by Dermot Daly and Ivan Mack