Coffee, Table (2015)

Thomas is a furniture designer who has a problem. He has no ideas. Nothing. He’s been bound by seemingly necessary restrictions for his entire working life and is finding them, restricting. To be successful he may have to do nothing.

Thomas: Richard NutterRex Anderson (voice)

Voiceover recorder: Rex Anderson
Script Editor: Ashleigh Haddad
Music:  ‘Night Owl’ by Broke For Free, Laserdisc
 by Chris Zabriskie
DoP: Danny Marwood
Editor: Jay Thompson
Producers: Dermot Daly, Helen BrownSally James
Writer / Director: Dermot Daly

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival / UK / 31st August 2015
Zero Budget Film Fest / UK / 10th October 2015
Union City International Film Festival / USA / 13th February 2016
EppFilms Indie Theatre / USA / 27th February 2016
Lima Bean Fest / USA / 7th August 2016
IndieWise Virtual Film Festival / 2016
CineMe / UK / 27th February 2018


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