Coda (2014)

Terry is Biz’s best friend, or should that be was? Terry needs to steady his emotions, and soon. Over the course of an afternoon, he analyses their time together, remembering the reasons why they were friends in the first place.

Terry: Dominic Gately
Biz: Dom Grace

Location: Pippa Rydal-Wood
Music: B. Stone
DP: Danny Marwood
Sound Editor: Elosie Whitmore
Editor: Jay Thompson
Writer: Dominic Grace
Producers: Dermot Daly, Dominic Grace
Director: Dermot Daly

Portobello Film Festival / UK / 14th September 2014
IndieWise Virtual Film Festival / 2016
RATMA International Film Festival / UK / 8th October 2016

“In the course of seven minutes it manages to be emotionally powerful and maintains a grounding in reality that compounds this.” Adam Button, The State of the Arts 

“poetic and compelling” Ben Gummery, battleroyalwithcheese


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