Wake Up Beautiful (2012)

Karyn is an early morning radio presenter, so every day is an early start. This particular morning, everything that could go wrong does. Will she make it on air in time, and in the right mood?

Karyn: Ursula Holden Gill
Sean: Glenn Cunningham
Man at station: Murray Taylor
Bobby: Tess Robinson
Radio station assistant: Rosa Alexander

Written by Paul Coates
Directed by Polly Thomas
Produced by Polly Thomas, Dermot Daly and Paul Coates
DP: Danny Marwood
Sound design: Eloise Whitmore
Original music: Alice Trueman
With special thanks to:  Calrec and The Robinson family

A Flummox Films co-production

Portobello Film Festival / UK / 28th September 2012
Hush Hush Film Night / UK / 28 March 2013


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