Reverse Darwinism (2019)

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Professor Vanessa is a scientist and a survivor. What she knows will change the world. And she intends to, one subscriber at a time. Madness or genius? Download the taster and you decide.

Professor Vanessa: Kathryn Hanke

Sound Design: Mary Tannhäuser
DoP: Danny Marwood
Editor: Jay Thompson
Writer: Kathryn Hanke & Dermot Daly with Ivan Mack
Producers / Directors: Dermot DalyIvan Mack


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Selections and screenings:
Drunken Film Festival / UK / August 23 2019
Chapel Allerton Short Film Festival / UK / August 26 2019
Portobello Film Festival / UK / September 3 2019
FilmFest Bremen / Germany / September 20 2019
Lift Off Sessions / UK / 12 – 19 January 2020

Awards and Nominations:
London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival / UK / Spring 2019; Honourable Mention
Top Indie Film Awards / Japan / Spring 2019; Best Writing; Nominee
Top Indie Film Awards / Japan / Spring 2019; Best Humor; Nominee 
Top Indie Film Awards / Japan / Spring 2019; Best Actress (Kathryn Hanke); Winner 
Genre Celebration Festival / Japan / 2019; Best Actress (Kathryn Hanke); Nominee
Genre Celebration Festival / Japan / 2019; Best Comedy Short; Winner
FilmFest Bremen / Germany / 2019; Humor & Satire; Nominee
Lifft India / India / 2019; Best Film Semi-finalist
Continental Film Festival / 2019; Best Actress (Kathryn Hanke); Nominee

Selections and screenings:

“[a] delightfully absurd […] immensely fun comedy […] Hanke is spot-on perfection […] completely delightful” Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

“[…]some of the dialogue had me laughing out loud. […] The concept was original and weirdly plausible. […] thought provoking and kooky” Elise Bowes, ReservoirBlogs

“[…] a quasi-spoof web series which […] highlights a lot of unpleasant truths about our modern culture and society. Hanke pulls off a brilliantly comedic performance whilst still instilling her character with self-belief which makes the film compelling.” Ben Gummery, BRWC

“Reverse Darwinism is a wonderful and humorous examination of modern culture. It highlights and ridicules some of our more absurd foibles in a way which is as candid as it is entertaining.” Darren Tilby, My Most Likeable Blog… Ever

“The film, just like its only character, does not take itself seriously.” Bruna Foletto Lucas, UK Film Review

“[…] a nice dig at the large-scale narcissism and anthropocentrism that have been normalised with the help of social media bots and the surge of white masculinist politics, […] well acted by Kathryn Hanke […] the script is written with efficacy and conviction” Julia, A Lush Idea


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