Quality Time (2014)

An afternoon in the park becomes a battle of wits between father and son. Boy turns his disappointment at his father’s stinginess over ice cream into the perfect park bench revenge.

Boy: Isaac Whitmore
Man: Chris Brett

Written and Directed: Polly Thomas
Producers: Polly Thomas and Dermot Daly
DP: Danny Marwood
Sound: Eloise Whitmore
Editor: Jay Thompson
Original music: Alice Trueman
Chaperone: Stephen Dalton

A Flummox Films co-production

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival / UK / 25th August 2014
Portobello Film Festival / UK / 12th September 2014
AniFest Rozafa / Albania / 21st – 28th September 2014
Lima Bean Fest / USA / 7th August 2016
Directed by Women – Short and fun in NYC / USA / 12th September 2016


” The comedy writing here is strong and fairly well timed” Benjamin Gummery, battleroyalwithcheese


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