[punctuated] (2011)


Lives are punctuated by events. Events mark beginnings, ends or connectives. She has a decision to make. It will have resonance on the rest of her life. Will her reaction define her or will it just be another punctuation mark?

She: Holly Hulse

Directed and written by Dermot Daly
Produced by Elise Rohde and Dermot Daly
Production assistant: Martin W. Carr
DP: Danny Marwood
Editor: Jay Thompson
Music: John Dorr

Produced in association with ‘Threadneedle’

West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival / USA / May 1st 2011
Holmfirth Film Festival / UK / May 24th 2011
Not2Short, Halifax Festival / UK / July 16th 2011
Gimli Film Festival / Canada / July 22nd 2011
Portobello Film Festival / UK / September 8th 2011
A evening of live music and short films / UK / September 23rd 2011

Holmfirth Film Festival 2011; Golden Compo

2011-05-25 13-10-03

Director Dermot Daly, Producer Elise Rohde and Actress Holly Hulse with their Golden Compo

“…a very poignant and engaging short film” Gerald Habarth

“[punctuated] crisply depicts a life changing choice that one young woman must take, it’s a story of life and death and the gap between A and B, literally!” Tim Copsey

“…a great film”  Matthew Etches


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