It Wouldn’t Change Me (2017)

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Synopsis: If life is about change, a bored, single and seemingly friendless office worker needs one. But will a big material change alter the fabric of who he is or what he sees in the world? Does living always mean changing?

Adam: Mark Catley
Homeless guy: Everal Walsh
Office workers: Kathryn Hanke , Matthew LewneyJamie SmeltGemma Head, Georgia Mack

Production assistant: Kyle Bell
Production manager: Georgia Mack
DoP: Danny Marwood
Editor: Jay Thompson
Writer: Dermot Daly
Producers/ Directors: Dermot DalyIvan Mack

Selections / Screenings:
Nassau Film Festival / USA / 20-21 May 2017
Drunken Film Festival / UK / 17 July 2017
AM Egypt Film Festival / Egypt / 28 August 2017
Kinosmena Short Film Festival / Belarus / 10-17 September 2017
Portobello Film Festival / UK / 12 September 2017
Twin Lion International Short Film Festival / India / 7-8 October 2017
Kaohsiung Film Festival / Taiwan / 28 October 2017
Cardiff International Film Festival / UK / 28 October 2017
Fiffen / Norway / 31 January 2018
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival / UK / 16 May 2018
San Mauro Tourinese International Film Festival / Italy / 23 May 2018
Beer Town Film Festival / UK / 26 May 2018


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“It Wouldn’t Change Me is a short film worth seeing and Chocolate Bear productions should be commended for their work with this film.” Lew Goldstein, Nassau Film Festival

“It Wouldn’t Change Me reaches close to perfect in its attention to narrative order […] Mack and Daly know what they’re doing […] Catley’s minimalistic performance creates an alluring and enigmatic presence […] It Wouldn’t Change Me is a quiet short with big things to say.” Euan Franklin, UK Film Review

“A great indie movie” Hugh Galland, Portobello Film Festival


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