Excursion to the Mountains (2018)

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How can we hold on to the memory of someone without holding ourselves back?
This is a film about being brave enough to capture new memories without denying the pain of loss.

Eve: Emma Leah Golding
Adam: Ahmed Sher Zaman

Sound Design: Mary Tannhäuser
DoP: Danny Marwood
Editor: Jay Thompson
Writer: Dermot Daly
Producers / Directors: Dermot DalyIvan Mack

Selections and screenings:
Showroom Shorts / UK / 19 June 2018
Drunken Film Festival / UK / 14 & 16 July 2018
San Benedetto Film Fest / Italy / 16 – 21 July 2018
Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival / USA / 1 August 2018
The $2 Film Festival / USA / 1 August 2018
Chapel Allerton Short Film Festival / UK / 27 August 2018
DMOFF / India / 01 September 2018
Direct Short Online Film Festival / India / 10 October 2018
Lift Off Sessions / UK / 12-18 November 2018
Littley Car and Friends (special screening) / UK / 30 November 2018
International Online Web Fest / UK / 07 December 2018
Genre Celebration Festival / Japan / 15 December 2018
Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival / India / 20 February 2019
42nd Elche International Independent Film Festival / Spain / 19 – 26 July 2019

Awards and Nominations:
Changing Face International Film Festival / Australia / February 2018; Best Short Drama; Winner
Alternative Film Festival / Canada / Spring 2018; Best Drama (Super Short Category); Nominee
Top Indie Film Awards / USA / February 2018; Best Director (Dermot Daly & Ivan Mack); Nominee
Top Indie Film Awards / USA / February 2018; Best Actress (Emma Leah Golding); Nominee
The Mediterranean Film Festival / Italy / June 2018; Audience Award; Runner Up
The $2 Film Festival / USA / August 2018; Semi Finalist
Chapel Allerton Short Film Festival / UK / August 2018; 3rd Place
JellyFEST / USA / January 2019; Semi Finalist
The Utah Film Festival and Awards / USA / March 2019; Semi Finalist


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“poignantly presented […] softly powerful film [which] quietly weaves its energy […] all of the senses are captured effectively […] Golding is a lovely presence here […] this is easily a film that should find a home on the indie fest circuit” Richard Propes, The Independent Critic 

“an interesting […] exploration into the fleeting nature of our memories and relationships […] It is beautifully shot, acted and preserves a wonderful sense of melancholy throughout […] dramatic and emotional” Ben Gummery, BRWC

“[…] this was such a mesmerizing short film to watch. The mixture of traditional camera work, and interwoven snaps of experimental images, really gave off a sense of loss for the character – and her attempt to move on. All this wrapped around a short film with no words, allowed Emma Leah Golding to portray this grief stricken woman the way she thought was right. […] Nice job” Indyred

“A fabulous and pensive piece on loss and acceptance. […] The more I watch this film the more I notice […] slight, understated clues hidden throughout.” UK Film Review


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