Ecce Homo (2016)

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When logic and reason replace feeling and emotion does the world become a colder and inflexible place? Pablo is about to find out whether he is a member of the old guard or an adherent to his new world’s orders

Pedro: Jamie Smelt
Computer: Kathryn Hanke

Sound design: Ivan Mack
DoP: Danny Marwood
Editor: Jay Thompson
Producers: Dermot Daly / Ivan Mack
Writer / Director: Dermot Daly

Selections / Screenings:
Nanocon Science Fiction Film Festival / USA / 26th March 2016
Relations Thinkspace, Bradford University / UK / 14th April 2016
Minutnik International Film and Beer Festival / Slovenia / 17th June 2016
Drunken Film Festival / UK / 25th July 2016
Portobello Film Festival / UK / 14th September 2016
Diamond In The Rough Film Festival / USA / 24th September 2016
Kinosmena Short Film Festival / Belarus / 23rd-25th September 2016
St Cloud Film Festival / USA / 5th – 12th November 2016
SPE Media Festival 2017 / USA / 11th March 2017
Ploiesti International Film Festival / Romania / 11th – 14th May 2017
GeoFilmFestival / Italy / 1st March 2018
Alternative Film Festival / Canada / 17th March 2020

Drunken Film Festival 2016; Best Local Film
Drunken Film Festival 2016; Audience Choice
Diamond In The Rough Film Festival 2016; Special Jury Prize

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