‘Reverse Darwinism’: Review


So, before we even have a first confirmed screening we have a review for our new short ‘Reverse Darwinism’ from the Indianapolis based Richard Propes of The Independent Critic – and it’s a beauty!

Choice quotes include:

  • “I can’t help but think you’ll be like me and fall a little bit in love with Kathryn Hanke as Professor Vanessa”
  • “delightfully absurd”
  • “immensely fun comedy”
  • “Hanke is spot-on perfection”
  • “what she knows will save the world[…] one pathetic soul at a time.”
  • “completely delightful”
  • Danny Marwood‘s lensing is perfectly sublime”
  • “the dialogue rings with […] authenticity”
  • “give Reverse Darwinism a view should you get the chance.”
  • “the latest winning short from the production team at Chocolate Bear”

The full review can be read here

We are looking forward to sharing Professor Vanessa in full at a film festival near you soon!

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