2018 > 2019

2018... - is turning into  - ...2019.pngAnd so, it’s the end of the year again… these 365 days have been eventful haven’t they?!

As ever, it’s time to look back and also to look forward.

2018 has been a remarkable year for us and for ‘Excursion to the Mountains‘ especially. This little film has seemingly been around the world twice and is continuing to play to audiences far and wide… we hope to find a platform for it to be played on your home devices much in the same way that ‘Ecce Homo‘ did in 2017 and ‘It Wouldn’t Change Me‘ has this year. ‘Quality Style‘ has begun to find some traction for director Polly Thomas; we hope that this will continue into the new year.

Next year will see a few shorts, we’re currently working on a comedy, a drama, and a musical vignette commemorating wider world events.

Our films of the year – in no particular order:

Isle of Dogs
24 Frames
Lady Bird
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
The Death of Stalin

Finally, we’d like to mention our friend Gemma Head – always in our minds, always in our hearts.

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