‘It Wouldn’t Change Me’

As trailed, teasingly, on our twitter account over the last few days, we can finally announce that our latest short is called ‘It Wouldn’t Change Me’ and is being submitted to film festivals as we type.

Shot at the tail end of last summer, we were pleased to be joined by BAFTA nominated Mark Catley and Royal National Theatre company member, Everal Walsh, rejoined by the award winning cast of ‘Ecce Homo’, Kathryn and Jamie and augmented by established actors Gemma Head and Matthew Lewney.

After making ‘Ecce Homo’ we decided that we wanted a challenge and a film that wasn’t as heavy on the dialogue – this film is all about change, kindness and loneliness, ideas that are ubiquitously universal.

You can have a look at the sparkly new page that has been created for it where you will find almost all of the info that you could ask for.

That said – you could have a gander at the trailer below…

Festival news will follow in due course.

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