‘Ecce Homo’ as a catalyst for discussion

Last night Dermot and Ivan were invited to take part in a Q&A after a screening of ‘Ecce Homo’ at an academic ‘thinkspace’ event at Bradford University. 

What was most striking was how multifaceted our little film is; we thought so in the making, but knowing that it translates in the watching makes it outstandingly satisfying. 

With last nights discussions still ringing in our heads we may explore more options to present the film at other academic ‘thinkspace’ events alongside traditional film festivals. 

One of the reasons that we, Chocolate Bear, make films is to explore the human condition, and the chance to explore this through discussion using our films as a catalyst is spellbinding. 

The questions (amongst others) around security, identity, the state, control and the individual which ‘Ecce Homo’ raises are, and continue to be, increasingly valid. 

We hope that you get the chance to see the film at a festival near you or as part of a discussion in the very near future. 

Many thanks to Lisa and the Bradford PeaceHub for inviting us. 

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