‘Ecce Homo’: an academic discussion

In a first for us, we’ve been asked to present a short as a discussion starter around its themes. 

‘Ecce Homo’ imagines a future where civil liberties have been curtailed through pervasive governmental control. 

The ‘Relations Thinkspace’ facilitated by Lisa Cummings at Bradford University, is holding an event looking at ‘Security and Identity’ through the question: 

What is the impact of UK Government foreign & domestic security policies on identity & belonging?’

The event is happening on April 14 between 1745 and 2030 at P2.01, Pemberton, University of Bradford, and will include the first public presentation of ‘Ecce Homo’ and a discussion with producers Dermot Daly and Ivan Mack.

RSVP to l.f.cumming@bradford.ac.uk

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